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With a mission to strive for exceptional superiority in intelligent integrated transportation systems, we aim to fulfill the ever-changing demands of the global market. This is why we are committed to delivering more possibilities that extend beyond your expectations. We make things happen for you by connecting possibilities to let you achieve the best for your business.

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New Helix Conveyors from FlexMove Offers Facilities Greater Flexibility in Layout

Elevate the performance of your conveyor system with the new Helix Conveyor from FlexMove. The tight turns and small footprint of the Helix Conveyors provide facilities with greater flexibility in layout for applications such as accumulation, buffering, cooling...
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The FlexMove catalogue contains conveyor components and structural system components.

Our Industry Solutions

Automotive & Machine

Our conveyor systems are ideal for transporting a variety of products including air and oil filters, gear wheels, bearings, and more!

Food, Beverage & Dairy

FlexMove offers efficient product flow, regular changeover of types and packages for both wet and dry components, including bread, instant noodle soup, candy, cereal, cheese, and more.

Intelligent Logistics

We create value for customers by combining our proprietary automation solutions with intelligent transportation systems.

Paper Converting & Packaging

We can provide efficient custom integrated handling solutions for paper converting and other packaging products such as household and sanitary products.

Elevating & Lowering Solutions

FlexMove’s specialty line of Helix, Alpine and Wedge Conveyors maximize space and efficiency making it a great solution for footprint conscious industries.

Electronic & Electrical

Our systems are ideal for transporting an array of electronic industry products including audio and video appliances, LCD and electronic displays and many other electrical parts.

Integrated Automation

Let us show you how we can help you manage production logistics through the collaboration of key components that include computer integrated manufacturing software (CIM), scanners, barcode systems and more.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Our flexible chain conveyors and components can fulfill a wide array of requirements for any medical or pharmaceutical application.

Personal Product & Health & Beauty

FlexMove systems are ideal for Personal Health and Beauty Products including bottles, boxes, and more.

Pallet & Twin Track Assembly Solutions

Our innovative Twin-Track Conveyor Solution is well suited for manual or automatic assembly and test systems in the automotive and electrical/electronics industries.

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