History & Values

FlexMove History

FlexMove was established in 2004 in Penang, Malaysia by three founders Mr. BL Ooi, Mr. Johnny Yew and Mr. CT Loo.

The team focused on developing flexible plastic chain conveyors to serve the product handling needs and demands of a variety of markets and applications. Throughout the last 12 years, more than ten different series of products comprising of more than two thousands components and modules have been developed to support dozens of industries.

In 2015 FlexMove was acquired by US-based, Dorner Holding Corp, the parent company of Dorner Mfg.; an industry leader in the design, applications, manufacturing and integration of precision industrial and sanitary conveyor systems. The added capabilities paired with the geographic locations allows both companies to better support customers and provide them with a comprehensive conveyor platform offering to accommodate virtually any material handling application

FlexMove - Penang, Malaysia 2015


FlexMove conveyors were developed based on 4 main virtues that are embodied in everything we do. Quality, Flexibility, Efficiency and Eco-friendly.

Through simplicity, modularity, and flexibility our unique approach to system design, allows us to develope a wide range of products and accessories that can be easily interconnected using hand tools to form a fully integrated transportation system. FlexMove was established with an objective of providing a versatile and expandable platform of modern and future transportation system for manufacturing industries which has to cope with instantly changing market demand, frequent product changes, tight cost frames, global competition and minimization of risk. Our team of dedicated and learned engineers is constantly and continuously innovating new products and application solutions to meet ever increasing demands and needs for flexible and modular transportation system. All our products carry “FlexMove” trade mark and are available in many countries.

Industry Served

FlexMove conveyor served broad spectrum of industries from Electronics, Electrical and Semiconductor Industry, Food, Beverage and Diary Industry, Automotive and Machined Part Industry, Personal Products, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Paper Converting and Packaging Industry, Automation and Machine Manufacturers, Logistic Warehousing and others.


FlexMove constantly seeking cost effective manufacturing techniques, utilizing state of the art technology and advance material selection. With an ultimate goal of providing quality, reliable, and cost effective products for our customers worldwide, we strive to provide customers having the best quality products and solutions on their investment spent on FlexMove products.

New Products Development

FlexMove is committed to the development of new and continuous improvement of existing conveying products. Our new product development engineers are constantly keeping a breath of latest market demands and requirements for new conveyors platform and products.