Flexible Solutions for Any Industry

A pioneer in the manufacturing industry, FlexMove supplies efficient and comprehensive conveyor platforms that support a wide range of applications and products. Our flexible designs and automation solutions provide numerous layout and conveyor possibilities, allowing FlexMove conveyors to accommodate virtually any material handling application.

Backed by our well-established worldwide network, FlexMove delivers in-depth knowledge and solutions that serve the following industries:

Automotive & Machine Parts

FlexMove solutions offer ideal technology for automotive and machine parts industry products, with flexible conveyors that can be tailored to meet your exact requirements and increase the efficiency of your industry. Our chain conveyor systems can accommodate air and oil filters, gear wheels, bearings, and more!

Electronic & Electrical

Our systems are well-suited for audio and video appliances, LCD and electronic displays, batteries, mobile phones, and many other electrical parts. Customize your line based on your company’s needs, with the assurance that your FlexMove conveyors can change and expand as necessary in the future.

Food, Beverage & Dairy

FlexMove food and beverage conveyor solutions are optimized for efficient product flow and the versatility to adapt to multiple products on a single production line. We offer food conveyors for both wet and dry components, including bread, instant noodle soup, candy, cereal, cheese, and more.

Integrated Automation

We manage production logistics through the collaboration of key components that include computer integrated manufacturing software (CIM), scanners, and barcode systems, as well as RFID for product scanning, identification, and verification.

Intelligent Logistics

Dedicated to bringing more value to our customers, we combine proprietary automation solutions with intelligent transportation systems. This results in a sound partnership and completely integrated solution that increases your efficiency and decreases your expenses.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

FlexMove supplies flexible chain conveyors and components for medical and pharmaceutical applications. Our unique system utilizes side-flexing plastic chains, which provides the option of horizontal turns and elevation changes within a single continuous run.

Paper Converting & Packaging

Our systems can be tailored to transport a variety of paper converting and other packaging products, including tissue rolls, bags, kitchen towels, boxes, and more.

Personal Product / Health & Beauty

FlexMove conveyor systems maintain the highest standard in engineering, installation, and execution, and can be outfitted for products such as aerosol cans, baby oil, health supplements, and more.

High Quality and Eco-Friendly Products

Established over ten years ago, the founders of FlexMove were determined to develop flexible plastic chain conveyors to serve the product handling needs and demands of a variety of markets and applications. Today, FlexMove has not only met that standard, but additionally ensures our solutions provide a platform for future expansion and re-layout capabilities, making our conveyors one of the most flexible and accommodating in the industry. Dedicated to high quality, efficient and eco-friendly products, our team of engineers are continually researching cost effective manufacturing techniques and state of the art technology in order to address and meet the needs of our customers’ ever-growing industries. Serving businesses across the globe, know you can trust the “FlexMove” trade mark when you see it.

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