Paper Converting & Packaging

FlexMove® is a provider of robust and efficient custom integrated handling solutions for numerous industries including paper converting; namely the production of toilet rolls, kitchen towels, tissue papers (in stacks or boxes), diapers and sanitary napkins.

The flexibility in the design of our high-speed handling solutions allow for easy assembly and integration with new or existing production equipment. Standardized modular components offer customers the option to expand the system in order to adhere to future requirements. Diverter & merger and line balancing systems in our handling solutions ensure a constant flow of products without backlog from any log saw or wrapper for optimal line balancing and utilization.

Should space be a constraint, our paper converting conveyors can be configured in single or multi-lane with horizontal and vertical lines, freeing up space on the production floor for other heavy machinery and equipment. Products may also be elevated above machine-level to optimize space.

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