Aluminum Conveyors

Ranging from systems ideal for small items and fast transportation to systems equipped with wide frames to handle transport and accumulation in various configurations, all our aluminum conveyors are compact with a versatile design.
Flexible Chain F-Series Conveyors
FlexMove’s innovative Aluminum Conveyor Systems feature low friction side rails mounted on aluminum extrusion tracks. Side flexing plastic chains allow for horizontal turns and elevation changes on a conveyor driven by a single gearmotor. Mounted guiding allows for smooth transitions between horizontal turns and elevation changes on a single conveyor or between multiple conveyors. In addition to our variety of industry-conscious features, FlexMove Conveyor Systems provide economic options that assist in every step of your handling processes. Select a conveyor below to learn more about the functionality of the F-Series product line and view design specs, installation guides, technical data, and accessories information.

FK (44 mm)

FS (63 mm)

FM (83 mm)

FC (103 mm)

FL (150 mm)

FL (150V mm)

FU (180 mm)

FV (260 mm)

FW (300 mm)

Flexible Chain Aluminum Features

  • T-slot aluminum frames allow for easy-to-install add-ons and custom design changes
  • Straightforward and compact design maximizes space while minimizing noise, maintenance, and space
  • Designed to accommodate vertical and horizontal conveying

  • Variety of chain tops with features to suit different application needs
  • Can reach speeds of up to 50mt/min
  • Withstand maximum product loads from 150kg to 300kg
FX Conveyors
FlexMove’s new FX conveyor is engineered with a flatter surface, smaller holes on chain top and one piece design improving rigidity and reducing noise.

FX152 (152 mm)

FX304 (304 mm)

FX457 (457 mm)

  • Centered bearing provides better turning performance and can be used for both left and right turning
  • One piece design improve rigidity and reduce noise
  • Provides a flatter surface and smaller holes on chain top
Flat Belt 2200 Series Conveyors
FlexMove now manufactures Dorner’s 2200 Series Flat Belt conveyors. The 2200 Series Line is engineered for small to medium size parts, precision applications and flexible layouts.

Flat Belt Aluminum Features

  • Multiple drive options available including End Drive, Center Drive, and Mid Drive
  • Withstand maximum product loads up to 120 lbs (54 kg)
  • Can reach speeds of up to 400 ft/min (122 m/min)
  • Universal T-Slot allows for fast and simple attachment of accessories and guiding with a variety of industry available hardware
  • Optional 5/8″ nose bar transfer option with v-guided belt tracking safely transfers parts at speeds up to 200 feet per minute
  • Multiple guiding options include: low side, aluminum side, tool-less adjustable, adjustable outboard, extruded plastic and more!

Economic Advantage

FlexMove’s complete services make purchasing, delivering, and installing our aluminum conveyors simple and affordable while our intelligent design accommodates future add-ons and custom design changes. We maintain the highest standard in engineering, installation and execution, with the flexibility to make modifications in support of new applications.