Pallet Systems

Pallet Systems – Assembly Solutions

There are 3 essential characteristics than an assembly line must have in order to meet the demands of today’s dynamic manufacturing environment. It must be robust enough to weather demanding production schedules; versatile enough to adapt to changes in variables such as product size, shape, production volume, and packaging type; and flexible enough to be reconfigured for future expansion plans and production requirements.

FlexMove Pallet Assembly Solutions are designed to facilitate the palletization of products from the same category with similar sizes. Products are placed on a standard-sized pallet that runs through an assembly via FlexMove conveyor system. This gives customers the flexibility of palletizing products of various sizes on the same conveyor system.

FlexMove Pallet Assembly solutions can be configured in a single track, twin track, or multi-track system. Combine that with our proprietary sub-assembly modules such as pallet stopper, pallet lifter, pallet transfer, pallet rotator, pallet stackers and de-stackers to achieve a total integrated pallet assembly system.

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