Stainless Steel Conveyors

Stainless Steel Conveyors

FlexMove’s innovative Stainless Steel Conveyor Systems employ side-flexing plastic chain that travels on low friction side rails on stainless steel extrusion tracks. This allows for smooth transitions between horizontal turns and elevation changes on a single conveyor or between multiple conveyors. Continuous conveying features provide economic options that assist in every step of your handling processes. Select a conveyor below to learn more about the functionality of the S-Series product line and view complete design specs, installation guides, technical data, and accessories information.

S-Series Conveyor

SS (63 mm)

SM (83 mm)

SC (103 mm)

SMZ (85 mm)

Stainless Steel Features

  • Modular and flexible design allows for future add-ons and custom design changes
  • Stainless steel maintains a sanitary environment, ideal for many industries such as medical, personal care, food and beverage
  • Designed to accommodate horizontal conveying between 5°-180°
  • Designed to accommodate vertical conveying between 5°-90°
  • Variety of chain tops with features to suit different application requirements
  • Can reach speeds of up to 50m/min
  • Withstand maximum product loads from 150kg to 300kg

Economic Advantage

FlexMove’s complete services make purchasing, delivering, and installing our stainless steel conveyors simple and affordable while our intelligent design accommodates future add-ons and custom design changes. Our high-standards of engineering, installation, and execution make modifications simple and affordable.