Wedge Elevators

Wedge Elevator Conveyors

Powered by the FlexMove® Wedge Top Chain, our wedge conveyors are used to take products from production floor level to a higher level or vice versa. Products are wedged between opposing conveyors lined vertically or horizontally and are moved swiftly but securely.

Wedge Conveyors are easy to construct, lightweight and have compact footprints. Its rapid transfer rate makes it ideal for use in continuous, high capacity operations such as packaging lines. Built with aluminium and stainless steel, it meets the stringent hygiene standard required for medical and cosmetic packaging.

Wedge Conveyors can be configured differently for a variety of uses, such as a transition between different travel orientations, de-pucking operations, inverted rinse operations and even for creating a passage way on the production floor.

Wedge Conveyors are not suitable for wet products, heavy products or products that cannot withstand side pressure.

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